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Global Experience Principles and UX to guide employee centricity

Vodafone commissioned Prospect to support its mission to optimise the current digital employee experience across global operational systems.

Changing work styles and the digital workplace are driving the global business transformation and evolution and an increased need to empower the employees’ day-to-day workflows with human-centric operational platforms.

Based on global user research across all core business functions, we generated empirical-based qualitative guiding principles that help define the broad experience (UX) philosophy and fundamental beliefs that steer Vodafone as a human-centric organisation.

Measurable principles to support optimal user experience decisions

NPS model to track employee sentiment

Smarter workflows prototypes that proved reduced time, effort and errors

Unified mobile strategy and prototypes

Experience Strategy
Qual & Quant Research
UX & Prototyping

Image: Austin Distel (Unsplash)

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