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Utility Warehouse | Utilities

Optimising the CX Experience and informing a 5-year product roadmap

Utility Warehouse, a UK multi-utility company, experienced a dramatic drop in customer satisfaction and a 30% loss in retention during the switchover process.

We facilitated a strategic programme to analyse the entire CX and EXP end-to-end experience.
The outcome was an evidenced-based experience vision and prototypes to improve the multi-utility and lengthy onboarding process - with the mission to retain new customers, increase the NPS and dramatically reduce operational inefficiencies and costs.

To inform a 5-year product vision and help to define future product and service opportunities, we conducted global market research and validated the customer segmentation through in-depth research.

An evidenced-based front and back-stage experience analysis

Numerous cross-departmental service improvements to prototype and test

Validated segmentation, personas and brand promise

Future service experience concepts and prototypes

3-5 year multi-service and product strategy support

Customer & Employee Strategy
Qual & Quant Research
Journey mapping & Service Blueprinting
Market research for 5-year product roadmap

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