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Designing the technology business of tomorrow

We worked with global teams at the group level to create an entire suite of innovative and award-winning customer and stakeholder experiences, which significantly improved biz performance and transformed the product and service design approach.

We ultimately enabled a technology-driven company to become customer-centric by embedding the service design and human-centric Design Thinking approach to radically improve the legacy application experience and to envision new and valuable product innovations.

Over many years we created the Service and Experience Strategy, multiple Business Apps, Client Management Portals, a Global Design System and the Experience Center Vision.

By defining new experience standards we became global digital brand guardians. Our Design System facilitated company-wide human-centric change for legacy and new applications.

The Client Management Portal won the DBA Effectiveness Award:
+515% Revenue
+ 307% Clients
+579% Engagement
Time to market: 12 versus 36 weeks

Service & Experience Design
Qual Research
Product Design
Vision videos

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