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Nokia Siemens Networks | Telco

Unifying two network giants to work persuasively as one

Nokia Siemens Networks needed to launch a unified digital brand experience that would position the newly formed company as a legitimate contender for the top spot in the sector.

Prospect helped to launch the company online within three months, supported by a digital strategy and a suite of digital channels, including internet, intranet and extranet.

A coherent and targeted experience across channels provided a solid foundation for unity, instilling customer trust and enabling the two founding cultures across 120 global locations to work effectively from day one. Supported by the co-created Brand Centre, we became the digital brand guardians.

Unified Internet, Intranet and Extranet
Merging 2 cultures and companies to work together within just 3 months
Effective productivity tools & platforms to enable seamless collaboration

Digital Strategy
Digital Customer & Employee Experience
Brand Centre
Digital Brand Guardianship

Image: Nokia Siemens Networks

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