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Insight Investment | FinTech

Empowering real business transformation

Insight Investment is one of the largest global asset management companies, responsible for £683.0 billion of assets under management.

Long-term relationship (Prospect Manyone), helping to empower real global business transformation.

To support Insight’s mission to reinvent how it conducts business, I led strategic programmes, led product design and a design system and ran UX educational workshops.

Programmes included a Global Experience Vision for Liability Driven investment trading, a greenfield Pension Fund Investment Management platform, a redesigned Enterprise portfolio management system and Product team enablement through a Design System and UX education.

The partnership resulted in transformative results: reengineered ways of working, new enterprise products, accessible financial instruments, effective data driven analysis, monitoring & decision making and reduced exposure to financial loss.

Service Strategy & Design
Experience Vision
Digital Product Innovation

Image: Unsplash

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