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Foreign & Commonwealth Office | Public Sector

A government first: AI / LLM enabled service to serve British Nationals

Caution Your Blast, a leading company in AI research, design, and development, engaged me to help create an innovative digital service to support the Foreign Office Consular Services team in their daily work assisting British Nationals travelling, working, and living abroad.

When British Nationals face crises abroad or require support and guidance while travelling, living, or working overseas, they often have multifaceted and complex needs. This results in significant contact spikes.

The mission was to enhance efficiency in handling inquiries, reduce phone calls by 50%, and decrease written inquiries by 80%. This would free up valuable time for the assistance team, allowing global contact centers to prioritise the most vulnerable cases while delivering a service comparable to one-on-one human assistance.

We co-created a channel strategy across platforms, developed a digital triage tool to empower individuals to self-serve by quickly finding information on the appropriate channel, and implemented a smart enquiry service, leveraging Large Language Model technology, a first for the UK Government.

To harness the opportunities and mitigate the inherent GenAI risks, the solution focuses on predictable, reliable content. We humanised AI by preventing misinformation, building trust through openness, and providing an accessible service for everyone.

Impacts: Service launched in April 2024, impact measurement TBC

Services: Service Design

Image: Kluverworks

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