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Business Innovation.
By Design.

Design as an agent for change:
I help organisations to shape a sustainable business of the future.

I am a Service Experience / Innovation Strategist, Experience Designer and Design Entrepreneur with nearly 3 decades of award-winning design and business leadership experience.

Building on my extensive experience, I now partner directly with ambitious start-ups, entrepreneurial organisations, agencies, and their teams, to tackle real-world business challenges through design.

Change is the only constant.

Real world challenges, human expectations and technology are driving rapid change.

For organisations to stay relevant they need to respond to – and anticipate – this fast evolving world.

And as designers we have a huge responsibility and opportunity to impact the future of our planet. My passion is to use ‘design for good’ to help organisations drive the necessary and positive change of behaviours, achieve efficiencies and deliver sustainable growth.

By design.

Client experience

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Service & Innovation

Focused on solving tough business challenges, I lead strategy and design programmes around which organisations can align.

Transforming opportunities into aspirational future experience visions that unlock value for your business and customers, sustainably. Validated to proof ROI before going to market. 

/Innovation Strategy

/Service Experience Strategy

/Service Experience Design

/Digital Strategy

/CX/EX Experience Strategy 

/Systemic Design


Experience Design

Partnering with organisations and agencies, I lead multi-disciplinary teams to design human-centric services and digital product innovation.

Mixing hard commercial reality, people-focused insights and the
power of collaboration to deliver experiences that are genuinely valuable and measurable.

/Design for Sustainability

/Experience & Market Research

/Vision & Concept development

/Digital Product Design

/Human-Centered Design 

/Digital brand experience


Empower change

Through innovation accelerator workshops, toolkits and training,
I enable and equip organisations to make change happen.


Embedding the Design Thinking approach to repeatedly solve problems, develop a human-centric culture and innovate at pace.

/Design management & leadership

/Workshop design & facilitation

/Design Thinking / Doing tool transfer

/Lean Innovation

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it”*

How can businesses change behaviours in consumption and working patterns on a Global level to create positive sustainable differences?


The Intergovernmental Panel on #ClimateChange report states that we are down to single digits in the number of years to make a change on the climate crisis. Although many companies have their heart in the right place, this is no less a daunting task as knowing where to begin is a difficult matter in itself.

As part of GW&CO's .Collaborative Conversation series, I was invited into an interview with Dan Gray, a professional author and consultant who has worked on multiple continents for global consultancy EY, amongst others, discussing  #Design#Sustainability; and the art of the possible.  


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