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Tesco | Fashion Retail

Envision and validate the future of fashion retail

In a bid to define the Customer Experience Vision and secure competitive advantage, Tesco, the multinational retail brand, asked us to help bring their F&F fashion brand to the forefront of the consumer’s minds.

The company embarked on a comprehensive digital innovation programme, including a smart changing room pilot experience. The goal was to improve the fitting and trial experience, encourage more footfall, increase sales across multiple channels and explore new CX opportunities across the entire journey.

The customer experience and market research resulted in new digital product concepts, experience improvements and a clear understanding of how the pilot would benefit both staff and customers alike.

Through in-depth market and audience research and service mapping across the entire CX, we helped Tesco to validate the Smart Changing Room pilot biz case and trial numerous new customer experience scenarios.

Service & Strategy
Digital vision scenarios
Qual & Quant Research
Qualitative business case

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